ocelottery: (Oceloin)
2007-04-19 10:16 pm

Hey Chuvaki!

Are you queers up for cards this week, as per usual? In the Senior Lieutenants' barrack?

- Semeyonev
ocelottery: (Default)
2007-04-03 01:42 am


Whatever you read here, it never happened. This is a work of fiction, compiled for our amusement and does not represent any views of a place called "Groznyj Grad" or any behaviours of its soldiers within. All characters bearing any resemblance to real-life personalities are purely coincidental, and any mention of copyrighted work is in loving parody or not intended for any sort of profit.

... Because the Major would shoot us if any of this got out. We hope he'll see the funny side and write here occasionally, too.

- AnonymOcelot.